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Frequently Asked Questions

Enclosed footwear is required which means no thongs, sandals, crocs or similar

No loose clothing is allowed on track. Things like flowing dresses, loose legged pants etc run the risk of being caught in the tyres. You can race in shorts and t-shirts or pants and jumpers

We have dual karts that cater for passengers from 5 years of age. From 9 years of age, participants can drive their own kart provided they meet the 140cm height limit. All drivers under the age of 18 will need a legal guardian present to sign our waiver form before driving.

Yes we have a great track lighting system which allows us to race under lights. Check our opening hours page to check our times.

Our track limit is 20 karts at one time. This is strictly governed by Safework and cannot be increased.

We have a great range of team events and enduro events perfect for this occasion. Or we can simply split your group in 2 and run the Grand Prix of your choosing.

Yes. We sell vouchers of all value amounts. See one of our friendly staff on site or via email to purchase your voucher.

Our track is designed for our rental karts only. Unfortunately we do not allow customers to bring their own karts to the track.

On top of people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is advised that people who are pregnant, people who have an existing neck/back injury and people who have recently undergone any form of operation should NOT drive the karts.

For drivers to reach the pedals and steering wheel, they must meet our strict 140cm minimum height. This is a kart manufacturer and OHS requirement and unfortunately cannot be overlooked.

We have 2 dedicated BBQ areas where you can have food and drinks which are ideal for birthday parties and large groups

These are a good starting point for all groups. If you would like to talk to us about a custom event more suited to your needs we would happily work with you to create your ideal private event. Give us a call on 8262 9027 or email us at __________ to get the wheels turning.

We operate rain or shine. If the track is wet the karts will slide around a bit and you will get wet. We recommend you bring a towel and a spare set of clothes and you will still have a great time.

Yes. It is compulsory to wear a balaclava under our helmets. If you have not got one of your own we have reusable balaclavas for sale for $3 at the front counter.

Scarves and religious headwear could potentially get caught in the rotating parts of the go kart and present a serious choking hazard. For those with religious headwear we do provide a private space where you can change into your balaclava and helmet before beginning your event.

To drive the karts it is strictly 0.00 BAC. Drivers who may present to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be breath tested at the counter before driving.

Yes you can use your own helmet provided it meets Australian Standard AS1698